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Shoot Pro Wrestling Game


From the man who brought you the original Wrestling Booker game, Shoot Pro Wrestling Game puts you in control of your own pro-wrestling federation, in this fantasy wrestling strategy game.Do you watch professional wrestling and wonder if you could put on a top rated TV wrestling show or live wrestling PPV event? Well, now you can, as you become a pro wrestling manager!
NOTE: This is the paid, ad-free version of the game. There's also an ad-supported free edition available to download elsewhere on this store that has all the same gameplay and features. Ads can be removed from the free version via in-app purchase to make it identical to this paid version.
Hire the most talented wrestlers and build their popularity as they battle it out in text-based simulated shoot fights in this universe mode style wrestling game. Who wins the match is down to skill and wrestling ability (though a bit of strength and muscle sure helps).
Shoot Pro Wrestling Game features:
-- Randomly generated wrestlers so that no two players ever have the same experience. You can even edit the wrestlers and create your own superstars (Visit for help with editing).
-- Compete against two other fantasy wrestling promotions to hire the best wrestlers and win the ratings war.
-- Plan feuds and wrestler rivalries to generate a buzz from the crowd and build the popularity of your wrestlers.
-- Book wrestling matches, and watch the play-by-play commentary as the wrestlers battle it out in simulated shoot fights, including tag team matches.
-- Assemble the best card of wrestling matches to sell tickets to your events and boost your TV ratings or your PPV buy-rates.
-- Push your promising wrestlers against quality opponents to build the popularity of your future superstars of wrestling.
-- Book promo spots for TV shows to increase the heat of feuds or individual wrestlers.
-- Carefully pick venues, and set ticket and PPV prices, to ensure that you're making enough monthly profit to hire the best wrestlers.
The world of Shoot Pro Wrestling Game is ever-evolving, and wrestlers age, improve, get worse, and eventually retire, to be replaced by new rookies, desperate to become the next wrestling superstar.
So, are you ready to enter the world of professional wrestling and take your place in the ratings war as a pro wrestling manager?
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